Are You Well Aware?

How do you know if you’re secure? Most security problems can be combated by changing behaviors using lessons learned from psychology, neuroscience, history, and economics. Security is about people. Cybersecurity is a series of nine habits that can be mastered by anyone.

Leaders can learn to effectively harness these techniques in their businesses as well as their everyday lives.

Security Is In Your DNA

As a social animal, we came together as a species for mutual protection, and we’ve evolved to have a natural desire to want to play a role in security. And whether we come together in our families, communities, or organizations, we need security in order to perform at our highest and reach our full potential as individuals.

As humans, we have the unique ability to understand how our own minds work, and then we can change our own minds from the outside in. We must understand not just the technical aspects of security but also the psychology and neuroscience behind it. Security is not a competency; it is a behavior. Behaviors can’t be changed overnight, but they can be changed.

Lasting Change Comes From Within

Change doesn’t come from a 5-minute security video. Change starts with a vision for where you want to go and a plan for how to get there.

When we train people to be secure, we show them how to set up a pin on their mobile phone or how not to click on links in email. But when a new technology comes out, they need to come back to us for more training because they were given a fish, not taught how to fish.

Culture Eats Cybersecurity For Breakfast

One person, acting alone, can’t create a culture of security.  But even a small group of people, working together can find the right fulcrum to move the biggest companies. Security controls in and of themselves are not enough for protection. When groups of people form, norms are established. Sometimes, these norms are antithetical to security. In these cases, one person changing their behavior won’t change the whole company. A culture of cybersecurity embraced at all levels of a company, government, or community is needed.

Companies with below average culture ratings are 3X more likely to experience a data breach.

Protect Your Future

Only you can save your future. Companies and communities lose trillions every year because of bad cybersecurity habits. CEOs have been fired for not understanding cybersecurity. Your family, your company, and your community needs help in order to be secure. Security is everyone’s job.

You are not the problem.

You are the solution.