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The Five Best TED Talks on Cybersecurity

It’s been a long year since the pandemic began, and one of the things that I’ve missed most has been the opportunity to be able to attend our local TED talks or to hear my cyber peers share their important perspectives on cyber with the TED audiences. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my personal five best TED talks on Cybersecurity from the last 10 years.

5. How (and why) Russia hacked the US election | Laura Galante
Galante provides some incredible insights into the perspectives of a nation state actor involved in interfering with democracies across the world. In order to defend ourselves as citizens of democracies, we need to understand their motives in order to help defend ourselves and keep our elections fair and free.

4. A vision of crimes in the future | Marc Goodman
Goodman’s book, Digital Crimes, is a must read. As we think about the future of cybercrime, Goodman’s predictions can help guide us to create stronger defenses and safer communities.

3. Hackers: The Internet’s Immune System | Keren Elazari
I’ve seen Elazari speak at conferences for years, but I had only come across her TED talk recently. Hackers have pushed us to improve our security for years, and I think this pressure has forced us all to get more secure much faster than if we had been left our own devices. Now that nation states are routinely exploring private companies, this maturity is even more important today.

2. The Five Laws of Cybersecurity | Nick Espinosa
Espinosa’s breakdown of the Five Laws really resonates with me. I think as technology continues to race ahead, his Five laws are a great check on our own expectations and we can continue to learn from this talk for years from now.

1. This is what happens when you reply to spam email | James Veitch
Veitch is hilarious, and his talk could have been The Daily Show or Saturday Night Live. This one is a must watch for everyone, not just security professionals. I think the way he brings humor to the issue of phishing makes this one the best cyber TED talk of all time.

Today, everyone uses technology and so everyone can benefit from taking a few minutes and listening to these five best TED talks on cybersecurity. I think that everyone, no matter who you are, can make a difference when it comes to cybersecurity. 40-50% of all of our behaviors in life are based on habits, so starting with my nine cybersecurity habits in my book Well Aware, and following the habit recipes here can be a great first step.

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