Pentagon to use Nukes against Hackers?

What’s the latest weapon in the Cyber Arms race?  Nuclear bombs, apparently. Okay, let’s not over react.  The report says that the U.S. would only use nukes under extreme circumstances.  Hopefully that doesn’t mean viagra related SPAM. Seems like, if anything, maybe an EMP would be a better alternative?

On tbe Front Line of the Cyberwar

Interesting article on NPR about whether businesses should foot the bill for a Cyber War. The Lieberman-Collins bill before congress would help pay to secure the nation’s critical infrastructure like the power grid, water treatment plants, and the financial system.  Does the government have a duty to protect the rest of the country? I think […]

America losing the Cybersecurity war?

Interesting blog post on Computerworld today: Lots of doom and gloom.