The Nine Cybersecurity Habits

Cybersecurity is a behavior, not a skill. To change behaviors, we need to master the habits that make us secure.

Cybersecurity isn’t just one thing – there are nine separate habits that govern how you interact with others through technology. To improve our cybersecurity outcomes, we need to master the nine cybersecurity habits to protect our future.

Security is in Your DNA

As a social animal, we came together as a species for mutual protection, and we’ve evolved to have a natural desire to want to play a role in security. And whether we come together in our families, communities, or organizations, we need security in order to perform at our highest and reach our full potential as individuals.

As humans, we have the unique ability to understand how our own minds work, and then we can change our own minds from the outside in. We must understand not just the technical aspects of security but also the psychology and neuroscience behind it. Security is not a competency; it is a behavior. Behaviors can’t be changed overnight, but they can be changed.